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The Full Story

Spaces was an idea borne out of the work-from-home era. I have worked from home since 2018. When the pandemic arrived, my quiet and peaceful space became crowded with kids and a spouse whose office went remote. While it worked for a while, I knew that I could not be the only one suffering from a lack of privacy and missing the community of an office space.

Enter Spaces. No more having to find space at the coffee shop and overcoming the blaring music to focus. No more hoping that your client, or potential client, has an open conference room. 

At Spaces, you'll find modern, secure, open, quiet spaces to work and be productive. I am hoping you'll even find a bit of a community to network and grow through with amenities like lunch-and-learns, an Arboretum membership, and wine nights. 

I want Spaces to be a place where you can start to find "normal" again and maybe your new normal will be even better than the old one.

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